Thinking about Ourselves

by Friends of Godwin


We can ask ourselves: About whom am I thinking? Most of the time we are thinking about ourselves, everything is related to us. Isn’t this very fascinating? Even when we are thinking about others, it is always related to ourselves. And then we do something more interesting. What do we do when we are thinking of ourselves and others?

We think how we would like others to be. We compare. We have doubts about ourselves. We think how things can be useful to us.
We emotionally make judgements about others.

And the phrase that I use is: we give plusses, we give minuses. Please see it for yourself. Good things that you remember about yourself – plus. Good things you think of another person – plus for him. Bad things, wrong things you have done – minus. Wrong things, bad things others have done – minus.

The people I meet who suffer the most are those who give themselves minuses most of the time. Such people can create a hell for themselves, and in that hell only minuses exist. Minuses about ourselves, minuses about others, minuses about the world. When that happens we use a very common phrase, we say: I suffer from depression.

So you see the connection between plusses, minuses and emotions? Isn’t this interesting? Isn’t this fascinating? Shouldn’t we find it curious? Isn’t meditation something very worthwhile? Isn’t there an element of lightness in it? Isn’t this an adventure? Isn’t this the most beautiful adventure we can have, understanding, exploring, investigating, as I said this morning, the inner world?