by Friends of Godwin


I encourage you to use the Four Noble Truths in your everyday life. To do this, one really has to use reflection. So I will give an example: When you are suffering, when you are hurt, angry, disappointed, at that moment you have to learn to reflect: Why I am angry? What is the cause of this? What is the expectation that I am having? What is the model that I am holding onto? So this kind of reflection enables you to see very clearly how you are creating suffering for yourself.

And this kind of reflection can naturally bring about a transformation in oneself. It also enables us to look at ourselves rather than look at other people. So when you learn to reflect and look at your own behaviour more and more, you see more clearly your monsters, your shortcomings, your failures – and maybe some positive aspects also!. Then that will really help you in relation to other people, when you see the shortcomings of other people: Ah, they are just like me and I am also like them. So you can have a real feeling of oneness with your fellow human beings, and see that we are all just a group of imperfect human beings.

What is important about reflection is that you not only see your shortcomings or failures, but you will learn to see your positive qualities also. You have to have a very good balance to really see yourself objectively just as you are. It is very important to see both your failures and your so-called successes also.