Nothing is Excluded

by Friends of Godwin


What we are suppressing, pushing away, denying, is most of the time something that we don’t like, something that is unpleasant. When we push these things away we don’t realise that we give them more power. And when they arise again, they will come in a much more powerful way.

In my opinion this is a very important aspect of awareness. It means that nothing is excluded, and this is very much related to meditation. We may think that meditation is only about having pleasant experiences, calm experiences, positive experiences. So we push away and don’t experience the unpleasant and negative. This is why I often emphasise that meditation is also learning to work with physical pain, mental pain, and other unpleasant states. When these so-called negative experiences arise we should not give them a minus. We should not think of them as a disturbance or a distraction. Rather we should see it as a very good opportunity to work with them and to realise that we have these aspects in us. If we don’t realise that we have them, how can we work with them or overcome them?