An Opportunity

by Friends of Godwin


A difficult aspect in meditation is to work with yourself, because in meditation what comes up is sometimes not very pleasant. Sometimes there is physical pain; sometimes there is psychological pain. Because in everyday life, you are so busy that there is no space, no opportunity for them to come up. But here in such situations, practising silence, being alone with yourself, these monsters come up. We are creating an opportunity for them to arise. So again, please prepare to do this, please prepare to really work with them.

The usual thing you do when you have such problems – isn’t it right? – you go to the therapist. So here, what are you doing: here you are learning to be your own therapist. If there is a therapist here, he will not be very happy! But that is another matter. So learning to be your own therapist is another good reason to rejoice.

Just reflect on what it means to be your own therapist: it means that you have self-confidence; you are trying to develop tools to really work with whatever happens mentally, physically. Having complete self-reliance on yourself. This is something Buddha emphasised very much.