Make a Choice

by Friends of Godwin


If someone is anxious to heal a wound, what are the tools that he can use in healing that wound?

One is to reflect in the first place how this wound has been created. Then you realise: the wound has been created by the image, by the expectation I had of how others should behave towards me.

Another way to heal the wound is to realise that this has happened in the past, it is gone, I cannot change it, but I am carrying the pain of the past in the way I carry this wound around in myself.

So you have to make a choice: do I continue to suffer, or do I try to stop this suffering I am having by letting go of the past? And then try to understand his behaviour and as far as possible to forgive him.

There is a very interesting statement by Christ in this connection that I like, he said: forgive them, because they do not know why they are acting in that way.