Just Knowing that Anger

by Friends of Godwin


One aspect of awareness is to learn to work with our emotions, unpleasant emotions. Everyone here has problems with these unpleasant emotions. It can be anger, it can be fear, anxiety, stress; we are all having to deal with these emotions.

One way of working with these unpleasant emotions is learning to be conscious, just learning to be aware of these emotions, whatever these emotions are. So when we are experiencing anger, for example, can we be conscious of the anger, can we be aware: now I am experiencing anger. So rather than suppress that anger, rather than push away that anger, rather than deny that anger, not giving in to that anger, you are just knowing that anger and then we learn to work within ourselves.

So the important thing is not the person, not the situation that is creating anger but rather to deal with your own anger in relation to what is happening inside you. If you can learn to use awareness in this way, then meditation becomes a real healing, an art of healing. Then we realize meditation is not something we do only when we are sitting. In this way, we can learn to meditate in most of our daily life, conscious life, every day life.