With loving-kindness

by Friends of Godwin

I would like to talk about some of the benefits of loving-kindness meditation which are mentioned in a particular text. The first three are very interesting, very practical:

You sleep very peacefully. This is why we do meditation on loving-kindness before we go to sleep because then we can sleep peacefully.

And if you sleep peacefully you can wake up peacefully. That is the second benefit. In this world, how many people sleep peacefully and wake up peacefully? In Sri Lanka I try to help people with psychological problems, and amongst other problems, I try to help people who cannot sleep, people who suffer from insomnia, and this loving-kindness meditation invariably helps them to sleep.

The third benefit that is mentioned is you don’t see unpleasant dreams or nightmares, and because of that you sleep peacefully and awaken peacefully.

With loving-kindness when other people like you, they are friendly to you; because you are friendly to them, in the same way they are friendly to you. So this is a very simple practical way of improving problems of relationships.

Another interesting benefit that is mentioned is that not only human beings, but also non-humans start to like you. Who are these non-humans? They can be trees, plants, animals. And if there are beings which we cannot see – who knows? – even they might be affected by the vibrations that we generate in our mind and body.