Welcome Them

by Friends of Godwin


In everyday life negative feelings are bound to arise so don’t be surprised, don’t give them a minus, and don’t give yourself a minus. Welcome them and see how far you can work with them, use them as your object of meditation. Sometimes you will succeed, sometimes you will fail. When you succeed you can say: “Well, the medicine is working.” And when you don’t succeed you can say: “Well, now I can’t take the medicine, but I’ll go home and take the medicine later.” Then when you go home you can just take your mind back and see exactly what happened, why you got angry, what really provoked you. This is reflecting, this is taking the medicine, and our so-called failures become learning experiences. Life is not like Holland which is always flat; life will have many ups and downs. So when there is a big up, don’t give it a big plus, and if you’re down, don’t give it a big minus. Both are just learning experiences, so try to feel grateful for both situations.