Whatever Happens

by Friends of Godwin


We have to be open to learn from whatever happens to you. Learning to see everything as part of the practice. So whether you get angry, whether you get annoyed, when you are reacting, just observe that and see how you are creating suffering for yourself from what others are doing. So in that situation the anger is the object of meditation. Then you learn to make that the object of meditation and see how far you can let go of that anger.

There are unpleasant experiences we have, physically and mentally. So just knowing them and making friends with them is a very important aspect of the practice. If you can practise in this way anything can be a learning experience, anything can be a meditation. So if you can have that openness, then without getting angry with your neighbour, you feel grateful for this person because he or she is giving you an opportunity to work with anger. The person who is annoying you, irritating you becomes your teacher at that time. It is a beautiful way to live.