Friends of Godwin Samararatne

Learn to be your best friend and also to be a friend of others. Learn to forgive yourself and others and then heal any wounds that you are carrying.

Month: March, 2018



We should learn this very important quality of forgiveness. Forgiveness to oneself and forgiveness to others, because these things have happened in the past; we cannot change the past, so why should we carry the past as a burden, an unnecessary burden which is creating suffering for us?

Guided Standing Meditation


Please stand up slowly, knowing that you are going to stand and observing the intention to stand.

Now just feel what it is to stand. Feel the different sensations, the different movements in your body.

If you are experiencing any unpleasant sensations, painful sensations in the body, just know them and just be open to them, just say okay to them. And if you are experiencing any pleasant sensations in the body, just know that you are having pleasant sensations.

Try to feel every part of your body, the different sensations, the different movements in your body. And learn to feel friendly, gentle and kind to your body.

When thoughts come, learn to let go of them and come back to the body. Use your body to experience the present moment, the here and the now.

Learn to feel the body rather than think about the body; please see the difference. And just feel what it is to stand completely still.

Learn to gently let go of the thought and come back to your body. To be in the present with the help of your body, with the feelings, the sensations, the different movements. Finding the sensations and the feelings in the body more interesting than your thoughts.

Thoughts and Emotions


It is extremely interesting that unpleasant emotions that we don’t like, when we invite them they don’t come; and when we don’t want them to come they come. So this shows the importance of openness, and then with more and more openness and waiting for these emotions to come, they don’t come.

You can use the same principle in relation to thoughts. When we don’t want thoughts to come they come, and if you invite them, let any thought come, you’ll experience that they don’t come.

Life and Meditation


Meditation has to be a way of life. There is no beginning meditation and stopping meditation. Meditation should not be confined to a particular posture, a particular time because from the time that we wake up to the time we go to sleep our mind is moving, we are having thoughts, we are having states of mind. So ideally we should have this constant awareness, constant alertness, constant checking out what is happening in our mind throughout the day. Then meditation becomes a way of life. Life and meditation are not two things, they are just one.