Meditation on the Sublime States

by Friends of Godwin


Let us begin with meditation of loving-kindness, Metta.

We will try to radiate, extend lots of friendliness in all directions.

May all beings be well. May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free of suffering.

Let us now think of the people whom we know are suffering. Maybe physical suffering, maybe mental suffering.

Let us feel for those people who are suffering. Let us feel concern for those people who are suffering.

May they be free of the suffering that they are experiencing.

Can you really wish this from your heart?

Can you feel happy that you are trying to develop qualities of loving-kindness and compassion for others? Rejoice in this.

Can you be happy with yourself that you are trying to develop these qualities of the heart?

Let us now try to develop the important quality of a non-reactive mind. Whatever is happening in our mind and body right now, can we relate to that without liking, without disliking?

If we are experiencing physical pain, physical discomfort, can we relate to it without reacting?

If your mind is not calm, can you just know that the mind is not calm and not react to it, not give it a minus?

If you are experiencing pleasant experiences, can you not like it; and if you are experiencing unpleasant experiences, can you relate to it without disliking it?

Just being open to whatever is happening.

Learning to see things just as they are.