The Problem of Relationships


A very important aspect in the place of work, and also in everyday life, is the problem of relationships. How to relate to the people around you. Because we live in an imperfect human world. So all the time we have to encounter, we have to have relationships with imperfect human beings. What we can try to do is to learn from them.

The importance of meditation, the importance of awareness, is trying to watch your own mind when relating to others. And it is natural that you sometimes have unpleasant emotions in relating to people, so don’t be surprised. This is the importance of awareness. This is the importance of watching. This is the importance of learning. And then to see how we can work with these emotions, how we can understand them, how we can let go of them.

Supposing at some time we are unable to do that and we get angry, we get annoyed, we show our anger, we express our anger. What happens when we do this? Again, please don’t be surprised. Please learn not to give yourself a minus. This is very important. When you have a little space, what you can do is reflect on what really happened. As I said earlier this reflection, this exploration, has to be done in a very friendly, gentle way and not in a harsh, hard way, being extremely critical of yourself and seeing yourself as a failur