Results to Achieve

by Friends of Godwin


In everyday life you have goals to achieve, results to achieve, and sometimes you chase after goals even when you are meditating!

So naturally you go through the same stress, the same anxiety, the same tension, the same restlessness because you want to achieve some goals, some results. Buddha has something very interesting to say in this connection, he gave a simile. He said meditation is like being a gardener; so like a gardener you are enjoying planting the trees, vegetables and flowers, and the gardener is not bothered when the flowers will come, when the fruits will come but is enjoying what he is doing.

I have thought of a similar simile. The simile is trying to reach the top of a mountain which you are climbing. If you are concerned, you are pre-occupied by what you are going to see when you reach the top you’ll miss the fun while climbing. So while you are climbing, what is happening to you, the falls, the adventures, the problems, those become the practice, and don’t be concerned about what will be there when you have reached the top. What is happening now is the practice, and not what is going to happen later on. So it doesn’t matter whether they are pleasant experiences or unpleasant experiences, see them as practice, that’s the practice, not getting rid of them.