Nothing Special

by Friends of Godwin


Some people associate meditation only with sitting, or a particular time, a particular posture and so on. But if you are really serious about meditation it has to be a way of living, especially in everyday life, in relationships that you are having whether in the place of work, at home, or whatever. They should be areas of meditation for you to work with. So it’s really a way of understanding, it’s a way of knowledge, it’s a way of developing wisdom, and then try to integrate that with your daily life.

When you sit, if you think it is something special you’re bound to have special problems. Even the way you are breathing, you try to do it differently. And then when you sit you want to immediately achieve states of calm and have special experiences, but at other times you’re not worried about these. So it is clear there’s a kind of fragmentation, a duality between the person who is sitting and the person outside sitting practice.

If you can see meditation as something that you do most of the time – it’s just being aware, it’s just understanding what is happening – then when you sit it is just continuing that.

Some teachers say that when you are sitting, please see the sitting as nothing special because nothing special is happening. There are the same thoughts, sensations, emotions, sounds. So how can it be different? The difference is there when we know what is happening, when we understand it, when we are clear about it.