by Friends of Godwin


In the talks I gave at the nunnery I spoke about consumerism, materialism and so on. We are living in such a culture in which we can be spoilt very easily. Very easily you can start pampering yourself, sometimes without even knowing what you are doing to yourself. So it becomes a kind of self-indulgence without your realising it. This is why I suggested that sometimes you have to say No to things in a friendly, gentle way. Sometimes you have to say Yes.

In relation to saying Yes, now when you think you need something you should ask the question: Do I really need this, or am I buying this, or want to get this, just because of society, the expectation in society that I should be wearing this or I should be like this or I should live like that?

So it is really funny, we have given a lot of power to other people, we have given a lot of power to society, social values, and then we don’t realise how we have become victims of this, we don’t realise that society is manipulating our greed. We don’t know what is greed and what is need, what it is that you really need.