No Complaints


Human beings are very good at complaining. We can complain about anything, even people who try to help us – if they make a mistake, we start complaining about them. So if you can lead your life in a way where you have no complaints then when you die you can say: I have no complaints.

There is an interesting story in this connection. There was a Zen student under a Zen Master and he was practising for many years. So one day the Zen Master called his student and said: I have taught you whatever I can, now you must go and meet another teacher. So he gave an address of another Zen teacher.

When he found the place and when he found this teacher, she was a poor woman, not very impressive at all, just a woman there. So he thought he was in the wrong place. But then he realised it was the right place, the right teacher: she was not teaching him anything, she was just doing her work normally, but as a meditator he started observing this woman. So when he started observing this woman two words came to his mind: no complaints.