Difficult People,


When we find ourselves with a difficult person – it can be your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your neighbour or your boss – it’s a very good practice to see such a person as your teacher, as your guru. They are very powerful gurus, because they are really showing you a mirror. It is useless to try to break the mirror, to get angry with the mirror. It is wiser to look at the reflection in the mirror and see what is happening there.

With meditation a shift is taking place within yourself. When you find yourself in a place where you have to relate to difficult people or situations, rather then getting caught in the external scene you learn to look at your own mind. In everyday life where you have to interact with people you start looking at your own reactions. You look at the emotions that are coming up and the thoughts that arise.

One can feel grateful to these difficult people, because they enable us to see what is happening in our own minds. It really gives us an opportunity to work with our mind. Can you say: “May I have more teachers, more gurus like them?” When in our life we can have this openness to learn from other people, we can learn from any experience. Any experience can be a learning experience, and this is a beautiful way to live.