Feeling Good

by Friends of Godwin

Close your eyes and spend some time just learning to relax yourself, just to relax your body. Just to feel comfortable with yourself.

Spend some time feeling happy that you are meditating now. Feeling good about what you are trying to learn.
Just know from moment-to-moment what you are hearing, the thoughts that you are having, the sensations you are experiencing in the body.

It is something very simple that everyone can do. What is important is to be alert, to be awake, to be present, to be alive from moment-to-moment.

If you become sleepy and drowsy, open your eyes.

We hear sounds, we have thoughts, we experience sensations, we may be having emotions; just knowing from moment-to-moment all these things that are happening. Making friends with them, learning to say okay to them.

If you are having any unpleasant sensations in the body just be open to them, make friends with them, be aware of them. It’s like learning to say okay to the noises that you are hearing.

Do you know each thought that arises and passes away in your mind?