Relating to Shortcomings

by Friends of Godwin

What is important when we practise loving-kindness is that we don’t have this fear to make mistakes; otherwise we become so concerned to do things perfectly, correctly, that this can generate such a lot of tension, such a lot of suffering. Please realise that this is not giving in to our shortcomings, but relating to them in an entirely different way, a more meaningful way, a more creative way, in a way that will reduce our suffering and enable us also to do what is necessary.

So then you say to yourself: Now let me see, next time I face such a situation how will I behave? And just wait and see. So you are waiting for opportunities to see how your behaviour is. To put it in another way, although you have got angry there is no wound. So we come to a state where, when we have got angry, there is less suffering as a result, and I think this is a very important state.