Remind Yourself

by Friends of Godwin

Try to see the Four Noble Truths in everyday life. It would be really excellent, it would be wonderful if when you are suffering during the day you could remind yourself, here I am experiencing the Buddha’s First Noble Truth. If you can tell yourself this, if you can remind yourself of it you’ll see you’ll be relating to that suffering in an entirely different way.

And then you can really move from that to the Second Noble Truth: Now let me see, in what way am I creating my own suffering? And then you can use the Third Noble Truth and the Fourth Noble Truth in the same way. During the day just find out when you are free, when there is no suffering, and then explore: Now there is no suffering; what is the reason why there is no suffering? So if you can really learn to use the Four Noble Truths in daily life in this practical, simple, direct way, you’ll be living the Buddha’s teaching whether you are suffering or whether you are not suffering. Isn’t that a beautiful way to live?