Most Unexpected Things

by Friends of Godwin

When we meditate we really don’t know what is going to happen. The most unexpected things can happen. When such things happen, please don’t be surprised, and please don’t blame yourself. Please don’t give that experience a big minus. Please don’t try to analyse it. Sometimes we cannot understand it intellectually. So what we can do is just to know it. This is the beauty of awareness. This is why the Buddha said this is the only way. Just to realise this is what is happening to me, and just to be with it. If it is very unpleasant you can say: I don’t really feel O.K. but it’s O.K. not to feel O.K. Just really feel it, just really say this.

Meditation is also learning to work with unpleasant experiences. Please realise that meditation does not mean having only positive experiences, pleasant experiences, experiences we are happy with. Unpleasant experiences are extremely valuable, extremely useful, if you can really learn from them, if you can see them as objects for meditation rather than seeing them as something strange, unusual. So please make such experiences the objects of meditation.