Objectless Meditation

by Friends of Godwin



A technique that is very important, I feel, is what is called objectless meditation. Once you are established in awareness and you are stable in your mind, then you are in a position to allow anything to arise, allow any thought to arise, allow any emotion to arise, especially emotions you don’t like, any sensations to arise, and learn just to observe, just to be with whatever is happening in that spacious mind.

This is a very useful meditation in everyday life. In everyday life, in different situations just to know what thoughts you are having, just to know what emotions you are having, just to know what sensations you are having, seeing what they are and learning not to react to them, making them the objects of meditation, making them learning experiences. So in everyday life when you are having an emotion like anger, fear, stress, you learn to make that an object of meditation.

Meditation has different levels but to a great extent we should try to integrate it with everyday life.