Sweeping the Body

by Friends of Godwin


Just focus your attention on the body. Put your attention at the area of your forehead, and just sweep the body, feeling every part of the body: sensations. tensions, whatever you discover in your body.

If you feel any tensions in your body, just be aware of those tensions, don’t try to resist those tensions, don’t try to control them, but just be aware of the tension and continue sweeping the body. See how far you can feel gentle, friendly, tender towards those sensations, just accepting the body as it is.

Learning to listen to the body, and allowing it to tell you just what it likes. Just saying okay, whether you experience pleasant sensations, unpleasant sensations, tensions, or whatever is happening.

Sweep every part of the body until you reach the feet, and then sweep upwards in the same way, slowly, gently, feeling and experiencing every part of your body. Being anchored in your body.

When thoughts arise just let go of them gently and bring the attention back to the body. Just keep on coming back to your body – feelings sensations, tensions – allowing them, creating space for them.

You can also combine this technique with focusing your attention on the breathing.