Meditation on Loving-Kindness

by Friends of Godwin

Feel grateful that we have this body, that we can use this body for our practice.

Can you see yourself as your best friend? Can you really feel it? Feel it in every part of your body, your whole being.

Feeling it in the area of your heart and allowing your heart to open up to yourself, like a flower.

And feeling yourself as your best friend, can you forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made in the past?

In forgiving yourself, really say to yourself and feel these words: May I be well; may I be happy; may I be peaceful; may I be free of suffering.

For anyone who does not have such wounds, you can feel happy that you have healed your wounds.

For those who have wounds in relation to what others have done to you, let us heal these wounds by learning to forgive others, by learning to let go of the past.

Learning to let go of any hatred or ill-will that you are carrying.

Can you think of those others and wish that they also be well, that also they be happy, that they may be peaceful and that they may be free of suffering.

In healing our wounds may we experience more joy, more lightness, more friendliness to ourselves and more friendliness to others.

Let us now learn to rejoice that we are learning to develop loving-kindness to ourselves, to develop loving-kindness to others.